In My Memories, I Held The Sun In My Hands is a collective of images from various series focusing on our own experiences with identity and the idea of home. Through a collective experience of immigration followed by an isolation that came with cultural dissonance, our respective projects revisit our connections to our birthplaces to see the shifts in our identity and what it means to belong. The resulting exhibition is an amalgamation of these fragmented relationships with our past, and attempts to reconnect with our respective heritage; piercing together the realities of our own identities and where we fit amongst our past and present selves. 

As artists our experience is not a monolith, yet we have found connections within our collective memories of an identity fragmented through immigration.

With images from:

Dear, Jennifer Qu, 2020
Generation Gap, Jennifer Qu, 2021
Returning to the Bodies of Water in Belief: A New Meaning, John Delante, 2018-2021
Picking Up Pieces, Maria Sofia Guevara, 2020
Introspection, Freida Wang, 2019
Unfamiliar Home, Freida Wang, 2019-2021
Faded Memories of Transience, Freida Wang, 2021
Conversations and observations from the land of rivers, Ananna Rafa, 2018-2020